Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Prince of Wales will be going

My first reaction to the news that the Prince of Wales will be going to the D-Day celebrations after discreet negotiations and a "change of heart" on the part of Presidents Sarkozy and Obama was that he should not have given in but treated that bunch of self-publicists with the scorn they deserve.

I was wrong and the Prince was right. The three narcissists have already shown themselves to be puny and contemptible and the day is not about them but the veterans who will be glad to have the Prince there to represent the Royal Family. It is good to be generous and to place emphasis where it belongs.

Once again, Royal Family 1: Politicians 0. And that is how it should be.


  1. monarchy as the anti-thesis of narcissism?

    now that is a tough sell...

  2. Not really. When you look at the sense of duty members of the Royal Family have displayed (particularly the Queen) and the complete self-obsession politicians display, you will see that they are antithetical. Guess which one people prefer?

  3. Duty, indeed. The queen is the people's servant

    What a laugh...

  4. The queen is the people's servant

    As are the politicians. It's just that they have forgotten that. So yes, what a laugh.

  5. They should have sent Prince Harry.