Monday, May 3, 2010

Business as usual at the UN

Tom Gross reports on National Review Online that the UN has elected Iran to the Commission on the Status of Women. Yes, that Iran. The one where stoning is enshrined in law and women are lashed if they are "dressed immodestly".

The official press release from the UN buries the news a long way down but the relevant paragraph says:
Next, the Council elected 11 new members to fill an equal number of vacancies on the Commission on the Status of Women for four-year terms beginning at the first meeting of the Commission’s fifty-sixth session in 2011 and expiring at the close of its fifty-ninth session in 2015. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia and Zimbabwe were elected from the Group of African States; Iran and Thailand were elected from the Group of Asian States; Estonia and Georgia were elected from the Group of Eastern European States; Jamaica was elected from the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States; and Belgium, Netherlands and Spain were elected from the Group of Western European and Other States.
Not onlhy Iran but DR Congo as well, where women are systematically raped by various militias in ways that I cannot bring myself to write about on this blog and are then hounded from their communities for being "spoilt". Remind me, what is the point of the United Nations?


  1. "Remind me, what is the point of the United Nations?"

    For those with no chance of ever getting into positions of power, to get into a position of power.

  2. "What's the point..."

    Well past its sell-by date. Once upon a time it may have been of some slight use, these days it is a bigotted, inefficient, anti-democracy, pro-terrorist waste of time. The major free, democratic nations of the world should pull the plug on it.

  3. Pretty much the same as the EU, pointless, useless, a home for the stupid and un-electable.

  4. The previous 3 comments sum it up, the question is what to do?

  5. I am thinking of a new campaign slogan: U.K. OUT OF U.N. How does that strike everyone? Perhaps we could have some t-shirts and car stickers.

  6. I remember visiting the UN headquarters in New York in the 1970s. It so was riddled with Marxists and support for them that even I, from an island beset with 57 varieties of socialism and complete with a Labour government, was shocked. Nothing changes.