Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who could be so heartless as not to laugh?

Just two days after the Boy-King backed down from an unnecessary confrontation with his loyal subjects the 1922 Committee, exactly what he was afraid of happened: the wrong person was elected to be the Chairman. Sigh! They were so much better at ensuring the right results in the dear old unlamented Soviet Union.

The new chairman is Graham Brady, winning far more comprehensively than anyone else has won anything in this Parliament: 126 votes to 85. He is supposed to be more critical of the leadership than his opponent, Richard Ottaway, and first came to everyone's notice when he expressed an opinion over the desirability of grammar schools back in 2007. Also, he appears to think that the coalition, far from being a thing of joy for ever, has created "difficult circumstances". Hmm. No wonder, the Boy-King tried to prevent his election.

The role of the 1922 Committee and its Chairman is to encourage Caesar to remember that he is mortal. Never a popular role but, as we have seen time and again, it never does to underestimate the 1922 Committee. The Boy-King was wise to back down; he would have been wiser not to create enmity in the first place.


  1. Many Conservatives both in and out of the House of Conmen have long since realised that although CallMeDave is a Conservative he just isnt conservative. Today's vote, and the others for the rest of the 1922 posts, have shwon that the conservatives in the HoC wont allow the party to move too far towards the centre. Interestingly the new intake seem to be at the heart of this realigning of the party....and have wasted no time in making their point.

    Looks as if there are now three parties in the coalition: the Limp Dims, the Cameroon Tory Wets and (now) the 1922.

  2. At last there may be a proper Chairman of the Commitee, it is most certainly needed. Perhaps there may be some hope yet. Although having seen that Stunnel has a junior post on Communities or some such thing and helped the birth of the coalition ( well he says so in the local press), Mr. Brady will need all his skills to be effective.