Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The UN should complain

Mind you, it is hard to know to whom exactly the UN, which sees itself as the leading power and force for good in the world, can complain. Maybe at the bar of public opinion. But I definitely think it should complain. Or rather UNRWA should complain.

According to this story:
Gaza terrorists raided a United Nations beachside children’s summer camp Sunday and left death threat warnings for John Ging, the head of U.N. Relief and Works Agency's (UNRWA) Gaza operations. The attack was reported by the Associated Press but was ignored by most major local and foreign newspapers and web sites. No children were at the camp, which is to open in three weeks.
Given that the purpose of UNRWA is to keep Palestinians in victim mode and hand over large amounts of international aid to their leaders, this seems rather an odd thing to do and Hamas has condemned the raid.
The Ahrar Islamic terrorist group took responsibility for the raid. That group and several other organizations even more extreme than Hamas have charged that the United Nations ruins Muslim values by teaching secular subjects and allowing boys and girls to mingle together. Hamas and other terrorist groups also have attacked Internet cafes, Christian institutions and music stores since the Hamas coup four years ago that resulted in the group's total control over Gaza.
Definitely organizations to whom we should be handing more money.

A detailed report on Al-Jazeera and the BBC.

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