Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oceania and Eastasia are friends again

Forget all those insults; forget the fact that the Conservatives are still referring to the Lib-Dims as Fib-Dems; forget the notion that keeping Nick Clegg out is the primary purpose of the election. It seems more or less official that the Boy-King and the "evil" leader of the Lib-Dims are best buddies for ever or, at least, until one of them stabs the other in the back. The Conservatives are now repeating a new mantra: agreeing to the Lib-Dim demands, nasty and dishonest though they were, showed real statesmanship on the Cameron's part and a desire to do his best for the country.

Anyway, it looks like Cameron will be in Number 10 with Nick Clegg as Deputy and six places for the Lib-Dims. This must have been what the haggling was about. One wonders what they managed to snag for themselves.

In the meantime, here is one of my favourite socialist songs of all times, sung to the tune of Clementine:

In old Moscow, in the Kremlin,
In the fall of '39,
Sat a Russian and a Prussian
Writing out the party line.

Oh, my darling, oh, my darling,
Oh, my darling party line;
Oh, I never will desert you,
For I love this life of mine.

Leon Trotsky was a Nazi;
Oh, we knew it for a fact.
Pravda said it; we all read It,
BEFORE the Stalin-Hitler Pact.


Once a Nazi would be shot, see,
That was then the Party Line;
Now a Nazi's hotsy-totsy,
Trotsky's laying British mines.


Now the Nazis and the Fuerher
Stand within the Party Line,
All the Russians love the Prussians,
Volga boatmen sail the Rhine.



  1. Nice one, Helen. :)

  2. A friend of mine used to stand on New York City street corners selling the "Daily Worker" and warbling, "Browder is our leader; we shall not be moved." She dropped out before singing to the expelled Earl Browder became a Party offenswe.

  3. There is another song of that kind, which goes to the tune of I hears it brother and the refrains is: I hears it Browder/ Our line's been changed again.