Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More on Karim the blogger

I wrote about Abdek Kareem Nabil the Egyptian blogger arrested, imprisoned and generally maltreated by the Egyptian authorities over on EUReferendum (here, here, here, here and here). Stories like this should put a lie to all those self-indulgent pronouncements by people about Britain being a totalitarian state. There are many things wrong here and we need to try to put them right. But bloggers are not imprisoned or tortured for their opinions.

Tom Palmer has a posting about Karim (sometime called Kareem) in which he calls on people to try to help the man who is having a bad time in Egyptian prison.

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  1. The "heretical two" were jailed for thier opinions,an australian was pulled off a plane at heathrow and spent almost a month in jail awaiting the german gestapo to get thier act together,a blogger from luton fled to the US pursued by the police for exposing the muslim drug trade in luton,and with the advent of the eu arrest warrant,we can all look forward to many more instances of suppression of legitimate free speech and incarceration in the country of the eu secret courts choice,like the fat bellies say in the pub"it will never happen here"