Monday, July 5, 2010

Americans in London

Yesterday was, just in case any reader missed it, Independence Day. Naturally, one is ambivalent about it. After all, the rebellious colonies declared their independence and, perhaps, one should not feel too happy about it. The truth is that it was the third great English Revolution and, as such, should be celebrated by all.

Walter Russell Mead's article gives an excellent if, necessarily inadequate summary of traces of American history that one can find in London. Enjoy.


  1. Actually, when some rebellious colonialists declared the independence of some of our colonies in the Americas, the majority of colonialists were still loyal to the Crown. But the USA doesn't like admitting that, it tarnishes their childish view of all colonialists being 'American patriots' with a single intent.

  2. No need to be rude, Budgie. But it is true that even by the end of that war there were many loyalists who had to leave the 13 colonies. The States' loss was Canada's gain.