Monday, July 12, 2010

This would be funny if it weren't so true and so scary

My world consists of people who think Victor David Hanson is one of the cleverest writers in the Anglospheric world and those who have never heard of him. I do know one person who has heard of him but keeps getting it wrong as to who this person might be. There is always one.

This article is priceless about the situation in Our Year 2 A.B. (after Bush).
In sum, in the year 2 AB, your fossilized world thankfully no longer quite exists. Global warming is “climate change” and its data is “interpreted” rather than blindly “followed.” Natural calamities like the old Katrina hurricane were really man-caused disasters; and man-caused disasters like the new BP spill and the federal reaction to it were really unpreventable natural disasters. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Al Gore are men-of-the-people feminists who need comfort, not tawdry womanizing mansion-aficionados.
The article then goes into all the detailed events that have shown the "miraculous post-Bush transformation" of the world, never mind the United States. But there is a worm in the bud and a canker in the rose:
The only bad thing about the new age of “After Bush” is that he never quite left. $1.7 trillion annual deficits? Bush did it. Another $3 trillion plus to the deficit? All Bush. GM bailout? Bush’s fingerprints. Afghanistan heats up? Bush again. A ruined Gulf? Bush and his oil cronies. Falling polls for President Obama? The legacy of the Bush racism. Guantanamo open? Bush’s people. Higher taxes? The Bush deficits.

In the age of “After Bush,” everything that is now good comes despite him, everything that is still bad is because of him. Remember that — and that is all ye need to know.
But as the great Russian writer Gogol (yes, I know he was Ukrainian by birth but there was no Ukraine as country at the time and in his opinion he was a Russian writer) said at the end of the brilliant Inspector-General, "What do you think you are laughing at? You are laughing at yourselves." After all, we live in a country where politicians, now in government, are convinced that history began in 1997 and that should be seen as Year 1 or Year Zero.


  1. Helen, Helen,

    You know perfectly well that history began on 4 November 2008.



    (via His mouthpiece, Nick)

  2. I'm sure you remember how, for at least ten years after Year Zero, everything but everything continued to be the fault of Mrs Thatcher (not even of John Major).

  3. Nick, do you know TOTUS?

    Vinny, it is normal for governments to blame their predecessors for as long as possible. The problem with the party formerly known as Conservative is that they seem unable to acknowledge what happened before 1997 and because of that, they are doomed to failure together with their coalition partners. For example, they do not seem to know that there was a European problem before 1997; or that education was in a mess before 1997; or that quangos were really introduced by Thatcher for what seemed like good reasons at the time.

  4. Helen,

    I do know TOTUS, you introduced us all to him on this blog!