Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oliver Stone and Walter Duranty

Roger Simon thinks that Oliver Stone is a close modern approximation of the late unlamented liar and Stalinist stooge Walter Duranty. There is a good deal to that theory. The one difference is, I am glad to say, that the new technology makes it just a little more difficult for the man to get away with his lies and glorification of bloodthirsty tyrants. Also, telling the world that Hitler has been misunderstood (has he seen The Producers?) was probably not a great career move.


  1. In the mean time you are not commenting on David Cameron's extraordinary 'sucking up' to Erdogan's Turkey.
    It seems that this government is strongly anti-Israel. And the main actors here are Cameron and Hague, so we cannot blame coalition politics. Cameron should read Michael Rubin's testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Ctee, to understand that he should tread carefully. And of course his remarks about Gaza
    were completely uncalled for.

  2. History will eventually exonerate Adolph as the only leader willing to confront the filthy communist menace.large sections of the aristocracy in this country ,europe and America supported him for this very reason.True there was a certain amount of unpleasantness involved,but as we see in recent times fighting a war half-heartedly is the worst of all possible outcomes for every-one,since today we are expected to be nice to our enemies,which is pure marxist clap-trap.

  3. r Cross, the problem with that analysis is that Fascism is intended to be a moderate, or compromised form of Socialism. A form of socialism that was more acceptable to some of the old aristocratic class and monied corporate bosses: A Communist command economy but with recognition of private property (as long as you don't try to use your property in a way the state doesn't approve of), but without any of those annoying liberal ideas such as free speech or a free press. So even if you're right and he was motivated by a desire to fight the filthy communists (rather than simply being motivated by a desire to increase German "living space" through expansion to the East), the fact that he advocated an ideology that includes most of the flaws of Communism makes him a filthy menace as well.

  4. The only good thing you can say for Hitler is that Stalin was an awful lot worse.
    The real lesson is that big Governments always lead to the tyranny of a self-declared majority.

  5. Oliver Stone quoted in The Mail: 'H**ler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a taillot of support.'

    What's a taillot?

  6. How can anyone even begin to understand what Oliver Stone may have meant.

    Sandy, I agree, except that the majority in both cases, especially Stalin's, was simply proclaimed by the Great Leader. The idea that Hitler will be exonerated by any rational historian is preposterous nonsense. I do not need to add anything AKM's response.

    David Cameron depresses me to such an extent that I find it hard to comment about him. Not sure what I can add to to the outpourings of intense criticism for his speech. But if I can think of anything useful to say I shall do so.