Friday, July 2, 2010

Titanic, chairs

The big news of the day (well in Britain as I doubt anyone else cares) is that next May (assuming the Clegeron coalition survives that long) we shall have a referendum on whether we want a first past the post or an AV (alternative vote) system for General Elections. Of course, the idea that this is a free for all referendum is nonsensical. I know people who do not like either of the systems and their opinion will be of no interest. The Clegerons have decided that in order to keep the pathetic Lib-Dims and the no less pathetic party formerly known as Conservative in government while people refuse to vote for them they need the AV system.

My attitude was simple: and it matters because ....? Oh wait. It doesn't matter. After all, who cares how we elect the ever more powerless regional government in Westminster if we have no say in whether we want the overwhelming majority of our legislation to come from the EU?

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