Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Left wants silence

This is the unsurprising conclusion Andrew Klavan comes to after the publication of his "controversial" or different from the usual consensus novel Empire of Lies is cancelled in France. The reason given is that the publisher in question is too worried about the political and religious aspects of the plot. Apparently, it is all about the main-stream media trying to hush up details of a plot. Fantasy! Couldn't possibly happen!
The book’s French cancellation is, I realize, a rather small cultural event. Yet it gives specific color to the recent revelations on the Daily Caller website that left-wing journalists conspired to suppress scandals that might harm Barack Obama and to the brouhaha over Breitbart’s online release of a video that resulted in a government worker’s momentarily losing her job. In both stories, one thing leaps out at me: everywhere, the Left favors fewer voices and less information, and conservatives favor more. Everywhere, the Left seeks to disappear its opposition, whereas the Right is willing to meet them head-on.
I am going to try to get hold of a copy and read it.


  1. The other side is the publication of utter garbage written by proven liars. The completely-discredited Michael Bellesiles has a new book coming out.

  2. I think I might ignore that, Bleepless, but thanks for alerting us. ;-)

  3. Gee, Helen, I guess that makes you an enemy of humanity and social progress and -- oh, my God! -- I'm one, too!