Monday, August 2, 2010

Not as well known as she should be

My father (who has not been mentioned on this blog before) owned a large collection of jazz LPs. The pride of those was a double album, called The 7 Ages of Jazz, a recording of a concert given 1958 and issued in 1959. Sadly, that particular album has disappeared in the various moves though many of the others are still in my possession.

The concert included many if not all of the greats around at the time (and was Billie Holliday's last recording) but one voice, until then unknown to me, has stood out in my memory, that of Maxine Sullivan, a great singer and not as well known as she should be. Here she is singing her signature tune, a jazz version of Loch Lomond:

This is the 1937 version as the 1955 has a disallowed embed. Darn!

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