Thursday, August 26, 2010

A real reformist Muslim

This is very well worth reading: an article by Irshad Manji about the Ground Zero mosque Islamic community centre and prayer space, about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and about tolerance. Professor Manji suggests that whenever people feel inclined to support the building of a mosque in the name of religious tolerance they should ask where the men's side will be thus establishing whether it will be segregated and whether women will even be allowed into the building.

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  1. Segregated Worship.
    At Staunton Harold, quite near to us, there is a very interesting Church - one of the very few built during the Commonwealth period. Saints were out of fashion then, so it is called Holy Trinity. Even Cromwell could not object to that. It was built by a royalist who, according to the inscription, "Did the best of things in the worst of times" and, by tradition, gentlemen and ladies today sit separately (as was quite common apparently in the period of the reformation/Commonwealth). Sir John Shirley, the royalist, was penally taxed and died in the Tower. If I remember rightly, he was only 27 or 28.