Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She really annoys them

Readers of this blog would have noticed that from time to time I make uncomplimentary references to left-wing feminists, particularly to their reluctance to voice support for women who suffer from far more than the pressure to wear bikinis on the beach. (Depends on who wears them, say I. There are times when it is causes suffering to other people. But I digress.)

There is a long-standing problem here in that right-wing feminism as in fight for women's legal rights, property rights, education, the vote and suchlike matters has been written out of history to a great extent. Feminist historians do not find it interesting to talk about the important role of women in, say, the Conservative Party while Conservative historians dismiss the subject as being of no significance.

There are some exceptions. There is Mitzi Auchterlonie's excellent Conservative Suffragists
There are Martin Pugh's books that provide a "revisionist history" of the women's movement and an overview of women in the "modern" post-Disraeli party.

However, for the real struggle one has to look, as always, across the Pond where left-wing feminist groups are being driven mad by the presence of the Mama Grizzly, Sarah Palin, now described as a feminist, rightly in my opinion and infuriatingly in theirs. Dana Loesch writes about it in the Washington Examiner.

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  1. In order to reverse serious socialism in this country we need to get rid of the Conservative Party first, I am afraid Natalie. Some of us are doing our best.