Monday, May 30, 2011

It's great to find another useful blog

It is not clear to me why I have not come across European Disunion before, particularly as its author has put Your Freedom and Ours on his blogroll. I apologize profusely but shall now read it regularly.

There are excellent pieces about the mess that most Mediterranean countries are turning into (and don't say we didn't warn you), which means that I don't have to write about either Greek or Spanish riots, demonstrations and other unpleasantness. I particularly like the excellent summary of Commission President Barroso's career. Reminds me of the days I wrote about the man. Perhaps, I should start again.

As a matter of fact, I do not think there is a contradiction between being somebody who thinks power is to be taken in the streets and somebody who then exercises unaccountable power from some office. These two stances are, if I may put it that way, the two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

While we are on the subject, let me express a complete lack of support for these demonstrators who are screaming that nothing is their fault, that they have a right to a future, to jobs, to benefits, to anything and everything they want. They are no more revolutionaries than the people who rioted in London for higher taxes and a bigger state are anarchists. These are people who are terrified of any change, they do not want to face a future that is different and, perhaps, more difficult or, at least, full of the need to work harder. These are spoilt children, stamping their collective feet and demanding that sweets be handed out indefinitely.

So they say they want a revolution in Greece and are, allegedly, arming themselves for one. A revolution to achieve what, precisely?

Not going to happen, children. Sorry, but there it is. The euro with all the bolstering will survive for a while because there is a great political capital invested in that and for a while the bail-outs will continue. But, at some point, Roger Bootle's prediction will come true: "They can try to ‘delay and pray’ but the euro is running out of time". The sooner the better. Let the Greek government deal with their revolutionaries. Why should the rest of us be subsidizing it all?


  1. I emailed Disunion and suggested that he start a blogroll and to include you and Dr N . Later, other people suggested other sites.

    You might be astounded to hear that he's about to sit his A-Levels.

  2. Well, good luck to him. I hope he is not taking political theory.

  3. How come no one on the intetnet seems to know that FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND OURS and A QUESTION OF HONOR ate the SAME book word for word and photo for photo????