Monday, May 2, 2011

Not everyone is pleased

There are various questions being asked but those who believe that Osama bin Laden has now been killed tend to be rather pleased, even if they do not assume, as this blog does not assume that international Islamist terrorism or Al-Qaeda are now finished. But there is one organization that believes the news and condemns it. Hamas are not happy. Well, that alone ....


  1. Thank God for our wonderful service men! Kudos must be given to Patreaus who stuck his head on the block in while going after things in Pakistan, what with drones, etc., something the administration was loathe to do as the Pakistanis didn’t like it. (I do wonder how many permission slips they had to get from the folks in D.C before they actually carried out the operation, but that’s just a thought that ran through my mind. Hard to fight when your hands are tied by absurd so called legalities)

    All in all a good day! However, normally when one cuts the head off a snake, the body dies. In this case, citing the centuries of radical hatred, etc. that comes from these people, one must still assume the body is whole. The deep rooted hatred not only for Israel, but for anything other than their own views I’m afraid will keep these folks going on their merry way. As such, we must not ease up on the pressure! We go after these radicals until they fold up their tents!

  2. Not the end, not the beginning of the end and not even the end of the beginning. Very true. Still good news.