Monday, May 30, 2011

Meanwhile, in West Dunbartonshire ....

Archbishop Cranmer has a better than usual (and that is high praise, indeed) posting on a piece of idiocy by the West Dunbartonshire Council that has decided to ban all goods from Israel, including, of course, as His Grace points out, all books published and printed there. As he rightly asks, why not just burn them all. Nobody thought of that before.
His Grace does not know why these anti-Semites don't just go the whole hog and start burning all books written by Israeli authors. It beggars belief that any democratically-elected municipal council in Britain can get away with such blatant racial prejudice and discrimination. The Council has no concern for the crimes and inhumanities of China, Iran, Sudan, North Korea or Zimbabwe, all of which have appalling records on human rights. Their focus is Israel, and Israel alone.

By this act, West Dunbarton has made anti-Semitism respectable and acceptable in a country whose leader is intent on eradicating all expressions of Protestant-Catholic sectariansm. In the Council, the SNP form the largest group. It is rank hypocrisy with more than a hint of Goebbels.
It would seem that the Council has banned the idea of buying anything new that may have been produced in Israel. That, as His Grace points out, quoting Ray Cookewill present the odd difficulty in that the list of things they will now have to do without is a very long one and includes some important computer equipment and medication.

Read the whole list through one link or the other. No point in my copying it out. What exactly will the people of West Dunbarton think of this?


  1. II was following this on a couple of Israeli and Jewish sites last week and it seems about another dozen councils, mainly left-wing considered taking the banning route but backed off following legal advice. There was also a statement from West Dunbarton saying it was considering marking all Israeli produce on sale so consumers could easily identify such goods. I was not the only commenter to wonder if they would use a yellow star.

  2. Fruit and vegetables from Israel are marked anyway as are fruit and vegetables from any country. Are they going to mark all medications or computers? And, yes, what will they use for that mark? What will you bet that they have exhibitions about how wonderful life is in Cuba?

  3. What a bunch of idiots Dunbartonshire councillors are. Typical lefty anti-Israel rubbish. That list produced by Ray Cooke is very impressive and certainly surprised me with the content.

  4. Did you intend to provide a link to Archbishop Cranmer? Because I can't see one if so.

  5. Woopse. Mea culpa. Stealth edit to follow.