Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another rebellion (not!)

Last night the House of Commons voted on whether to increase our "subscription" to the IMF or, in other words, whether the UK should hand over even more money for bailing out purposes. As readers will recall, not participating fully in the bail-out was one of the victories the Boy-King has boasted about and a reason for publications such as the Spectator to push his eurosceptic credentials.

The Government won the vote by 274 votes to 246 because the Labour Party voted against the increase. According to ConHome 32 Conservative MPs voted with the Opposition on this crucial matter. Tim Montgomerie lists them. Mostly one can say it's the same old names and, while I applaud their steadfastness, I do wonder about those dissatisfied MPs who have either voted with the government (Ms Priti Patel) or were unavoidably detained somewhere else (George Eustice).

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