Thursday, July 7, 2011

That campaign continues

The Express, home of at least one, maybe more In/Out referendum campaigns, has an article about the Boy-King moving "to switch EU power back to Westminster". Much to be said for it, but how is he going to do it. It sounds a bit like he is going to thcweam and thcweam until he is thick. It may have worked for Violet-Elizabeth Bott because she was a determined young lady but I can't quite envisage the Boy-King following in her footsteps.

The Express is quoting yet another interview with the Spectator, which is in the front-line of the campaign to prove that the Conservatives are the real eurosceptics as this blog has said, repeatedly.
DAVID Cameron last night promised to negotiate a new relationship between Britain and the European Union that will bring back power to Westminster from Brussels.

In a shift in Government policy, the Prime Minister predicted that fresh opportunities for loosening the UK’s ties to the EU were certain to arise as a result of the eurozone crisis.
Well, to start with, we do not have a relationship with the EU, we are part of it. What sort of relationship does Devon or Sussex have with the United Kingdom?

Secondly, changing the structure of the EU requires, which is the only way those powers can be brought back to Westminster, requires a change in the Treaties and the agreement of all the other member states. Will the Boy-King achieve that?

Thirdly, his great boast of "getting Britain out of the bailing out mechanism" amounts to very little.
He said: “I got us out of the bailout mechanism, which has been used repeatedly and from 2013 cannot be used again, so I think I exacted a good and fair price for Britain.”
Jam tomorrow, and today we pay. Also,one can't help wondering whether this is yet another cast-iron guarantee. The great shift in the British position, according to James Forsyth who conducted the interview is an acceptance that the eurozone may not be such a wonderful idea after all and a stable eurozone, not being something that will be achieved any time soon, does not need to be part of British calculations. That's it. Oh and bringing power back to Westminster.

Are they really planning for an earlier election than most of us think?

While we are on the subject of fudging of issues, I note with interest that the People's Pledge (which always makes me think of East European furniture polish) is quoting widely Bob Crow on the horrors of job losses because of the Bombardier fiasco. (No, I am not linking.) Having managed to fudge the question of a referendum with the question of EU withdrawal (not the same thing at all but that is the line People's Pledge and the EU Referendum Campaign are peddling) they are now busy destroying support for both by quoting the man who must be more hated in this country than anyone else. Of course, theoretically, he is merely supporting a referendum but, thanks to the fudge exercised by the two campaigns, it will seem that Bob Crow is supporting the withdrawal. We know how well that played in 1975 and can guess how well it will play now.


  1. I so loathe Cameron that I do not trust anything he says. I have since left the Conservatives and have joined UKIP.

  2. "DAVID Cameron last night promised to negotiate a new relationship between Britain and the European Union ...".

    What can you say about this man? A more sordid blend of arrogance, ignorance, delusion, and contempt for the public cannot be imagined. Seriously, Cameron makes Blair look a sincere and straight kinda guy.

    How many promises has Cameron made about the EU and broken? How often has he said that we must remain in the EU? Is he really so incompetent and naive that he thinks any negotiations will work without at least his threatening to leave? And who would believe him if he did? Indeed, does he really think there is anyone left on the planet who will believe a word he says on this subject?

    Cameron has no political capital left on the subject of the EU.

  3. Winston's Black DogJuly 7, 2011 at 6:30 PM

    Yes, Duplicitous Dave might be able to claim he got us out of the "bailout mechanism" but what about the 90% rise (when other countries increases are far less) to our IMF sub which, guess what (!), is going to be used to bail out the Euro!

  4. He doesn't have thcweam-he is already thick.

  5. But he does not have Violet-Elizabeth's steely charm.