Tuesday, July 19, 2011


To be absolutely honest, I cannot invent or find any entertainment that can better the enthralling saga of phone-hacking, newspapers, dead journalists, resigning senior police officers (the only part of the story that is at all important) and so on, and so on. I do hope that John Putnam Thatcher, the banker hero of Emma Lathen's novels gets on the case soon before it becomes too tedious and before we all become too sick at the gloating shown by the BBC, the Guardian and all other "superior" beings who are hoping that the terrible Fox News (which, I was told by somebody today, has no journalistic credentials being on the Republican side) disappears together with the Murdoch papers like the New York Post that has brought journalism into disrepute.

So, let's go for another story and that is the painting over of the Soviet War Memorial in Bulgaria by some unknown art lover who turned all the Red Army soldiers into Superheroes. The pictures are great and the pompous comments are very funny. Enjoy.

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