Friday, July 1, 2011

Hmm, I sense a campaign

No sooner have we been told that Cabinet members allegedly talk of the need to withdraw from the EU and of putative clashes between the Boy-King and members of his party who cannot be named on the subject of "Europe" but we are also told, again by the Spectator that "Hague has been vindicated on the euro". Not all people who, either from a political or economic perspective, warned against the creation of the eurozone and predicted the problems we are facing but just Hague, the man who has since shown no sign of understanding the first thing about the EU.

Well, well, well. So, the only "real eurosceptics" are in the Conservative Party and everyone else can be disregarded. I don't just have a bridge to sell, I have a whole Porcine Air Force to hire out.

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