Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Will the real Mr Henry Smith MP please stand up

It seems that things are not quite what they seem with that non-existent rebellion over upping the British contribution to the IMF bail-out fund. One of the Tory MPs named by Tim Montgomerie on his list is the not very well known Henry Smith, MP for Crawley. Yet, if we go through the list in Hansard, we find that Henry Smith is there among the Ayes as well as among the Noes. Could there be two Henry Smiths in the House of Commons? Well, errm, no. It would appear that Mr Smith decided to go through both lobbies in order to show that he was actually abstaining. In other words he voted Aye before he voted No. ConHome please take note.


  1. That is a bit difficult for ConHome to take these days isn't it? Incidently, the Moderator is very busy, I can no longer comment apparently and most of the usual critics are missing as well. over the last few days they have had six, four and five comments, a big drop off from the thirty and forty they used to have.

  2. Derek, that probably has something to do with the fact that ConHome is no longer Conservative Home but Conservative Party Home - totally and utterly sycophantic towards the Tory party and very much uncritical. In truth the change happened many years ago, but some deluded visitors hung on, bizarrely believing that once Dave was in office he would suddenly show how conservative/brave/eurosceptic etc. he was - as would ConHome. Even the deluded are now beginning to realise that it ain't gonna happen.