Monday, August 1, 2011

On the one hand, on the other hand ...

According to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European External Action Service and the CFSP High Panjandrum, Baroness Ashton are a wonderful idea and will be an even better idea as it develops. On the other hand, decisions will be taken unanimously and Finland is not about to give up its own representations abroad. So there!


  1. You can watch Baroness Ashton in action at the House of Lords here:-

    Have a sick bag, and blood pressure bills handy. And look out for the Noble Lord Roper grovelling for a freebie to Brussels at the very end of the debate.

  2. So kind, Ian. I am sure many readers will thank you for that link. Once they have recovered from heaving, that is. ;-)

  3. I've quoted you and linked to you here: