Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They can't even invent their own slang

In the last few days I have noted the number of times the scum rioters have been referring to the police as the feds. What on earth do they mean? We have no feds. That is American. Then I glanced through Sarah Sands's column in the Standard today and found this about the newly sanctified Mark Duggan:
Shortly before he died Mark Duggan sent a message to his girlfriend: "The Feds are following me." This piece of urban slang presumably derives from the American FBI. Gangs are apparently united with the Guardian classes in their admiration of The Wire.
These people can't even invent their own slang. I despair.


  1. Yes I've noticed the police/authorities referred to as 'Feds' by a number of my friends on Facebook. Said friends being of the pathetic 'thoroughly middle class, went to public/selective school before becoming life long students and deciding they were the voice of the oppressed working class' school of champagne socialist. The same kind of twat who compared the earlier student riots to the goings on in Tahrir square and the rest of the Arab Spring.

  2. Costello you don't need to be working class to be disaffected with the Police. As to there being no "Feds" in this country, you might like to browse this web site

    Why invent your own slang when there is a perfectly acceptable term already available.

  3. Actually, Ian, I think Costello is right. This has nothing to do with being disaffected with the police and everything with wanting to look hip and cool and on the side of the oppressed. Rubbish, every bit of it. As to why invent one's own slang, well, the feds is not a meaningful term in Britain as we do not have a federal structure or an FBI. That being so, simply copying somebody else's slang without a moment's thought is a sign of silly lack of imagination. As I said in my posting, I despair.