Thursday, October 6, 2011

I wonder ...

The news that Sarah Palin has decided not to run for the Republican Party's candidacy is not exactly a surprise though somewhat more so than Prime Minister Putin's decision to take on the mantle of presidency in Russia. (OK, that's a joke. I am not comparing the two and please don't send comments telling me that there is no difference between them.)

She is most definitely not retiring from politics but intends to continue her somewhat anomalous but perfectly understandable position of being the most outspoken promoter of small government, free trade and low taxation. So far so good. Undoubtedly many people will try to interpret her decision and the explanation she gave Mark Levin (she has learnt her lesson about unfriendly reporters).

Via Instapundit we come to an interesting article on American Thinker, which calls the decision the right one and the performance pitch-perfect
Last night, Sarah Palin's statement -- and her breaking news interview with Mark Levin -- stressed some extremely important ideas. As such, her not running might well be among the least important topics she touched on. Yes, I know that's the news that everybody was waiting for -- but what interested me most was what Palin said about her vision for America and how she said it. It was crafted very intentionally --and it was simply pitch-perfect.

Palin spoke of ideas and priorities. These were above and beyond what particular position she -- or anyone else -- might play in our arena of ideas. That she's still very much in the arena -- and planning on making a difference -- is obvious.
So, what have we here? That rare bird, a politician to whom future of country matters more than her own immediate career? A politician who is playing a deep and, so far, successful game? Either way, she is not the ditz-headed moron that the MSM and the left (but I repeat myself) like to portray but then we knew that.

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