Thursday, October 20, 2011

That debate

It has been moved to Monday. No, I don't think it will make any difference and I still think it would be best if the Motion were thrown out. I am depressed but not surprised at the number of eurosceptics who think this is a good thing for our cause and that the government is in blind panic. Well, I told you so, are words that this blog is quite used to.


  1. I find it depressing too. It is akin to somebody wasting the last bullet in the gun

  2. The good things about Monday's debate:

    1) There won't after all be a referendum of any type. Phew.
    2) Far fewer people will think of the Tories as "eurosceptic".
    3) Miliband is also whipping his careerists, so even fewer people will trust Labour.
    4) The handsomely sinecured "referendum at all costs" industry will have seen its fox shot and will then have to devise something useful to do.

  3. Clarence, I mostly agree, except for item 4). I rather suspect that they, too, are hoping that the referendum will not happen so they can continue their handsomely sinecured campaign. Otherwise, yes. As I said in my previous posting, from our point of view, losing this vote will be the best thing.