Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peter Hitchens had it right

I must admit I did not think I would agree with Peter Hitchens for all sorts of reasons, not least because I was told that he supported a referendum and was convinced that the OUT side would win. Nothing of the kind. He was very eloquent on the subject of why a referendum now with the forces standing as they are and no strategy on our side we are bound to lose.

Mr Hitchens does not think much of UKIP (and who can blame him?) but thinks that a new party and realignment is needed. The Labour Party, he said rightly, did not just emerge fully formed as the second major party. There was a long period of overlap with the Liberals. At the moment there is nothing that can overlap with the Conservatives. His idea is that the new party should be started by people who split away from the Conservative Party but that, I fear, is a forlorn hope. Maybe some more bullying from the Boy-King will give them a backbone.

Above all, Mr Hitchens thinks, the Conservative Party that has long ago ceased to be conservative has to go. It has to be destroyed. He urged all its supporters to give up on it and feel the liberation of not supporting the No-Longer-Conservative Party any more.

Delenda est Toria Partia he repeated in what can only be described as dog Latin.


  1. It was a talk he gave at the Bruges Group, which will go up on the website and I shall then link to it. However, my comments above come from the Q&A session so it may or may not go up.