Friday, October 14, 2011


Philip Hammond it is. I am sure EU Referendum will have much to say on the subject, and very vitriolic it is likely to be. Not sure the whole fiasco with HS2 is a recommendation or statements of this kind but there we are. Justine Greening, a brown-nosed career politician if ever there was one, becomes Transport Secretary. I am sure she will do as she is told.

As ever I have been fascinated by people arguing that Fox should be succeeded by someone who has served in the forces, for instance, Patrick Mercer or one of the Stewarts, Bob or Rory. Why, I ask. Would you want teachers running the education department or a tube driver in charge of transport. Ah but they would know the requirements of the armed forces. Well, no they wouldn't as no soldier knows about the navy or the air force or vice versa. Besides, is that all defence is? The requirements of the armed forces and as much money as spent on them as they demand? I think EU Referendum would have a few answers to that.

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