Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sure they are committed

Lord Stoddart of Swindong asked HMG:
what is their assessment of the likelihood of the creation of a new European Union treaty within the next two years; and whether any such treaty would require a referendum before ratification.
To which he got the following disingenuous reply:
There are currently no formal proposals for a new European Union Treaty. The EU Act 2011 has now come into force and its provisions apply to any new EU treaty amending or replacing the existing EU treaties. The EU Act 2011 would require that before the UK can ratify any such new EU treaty, a statement relating to the treaty must be laid before Parliament in accordance with Section 5 of the Act, the treaty is approved by an Act of Parliament and, in certain circumstances (for example, if it proposed to transfer power or competence from the UK to Brussels), a referendum of the British people. This Government have however committed to not transferring any further powers to Brussels over the lifetime of this Parliament.
All those financial directives must be a figment of our imagination.


  1. Have we got any powers left that could be transferred to the EU? We must be getting rather short on such things by now.

  2. I believe we still control our education system and a right mess we are making of it, too, and have been making for decades.