Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A rant about the forthcoming Olympics

Readers of this blog and of EUReferendum in the past (not to mention the One London blog back when there was a One London group in the Great Glass Egg) know that I am not and have never been a fan of the London Olympics. All our dire predictions are coming true but that does not mean anyone will listen next time either.

Here is my rant on Taki's Magazine.


  1. Thank you for the rant. Can you suggest a pleasant, relatively inexpensive holiday destination where the hype of the Olympic Games will rarely be seen or heard in the media? North Korea and Somalia have already been ruled out at my wife's insistence. I was wondering about a quiet time on St. Helena . Any other suggestions?

    Over the last 18 months, every London taxi driver I have used has complained of the traffic chaos which is to afflict his trade. Several volunteered the information that that they would be taking their holidays at this time too.

  2. My only comment on Helen's pice on the Olympics (ugh!) is that it is far too moderate. The whole thing is a disatrous scandal from start to finish.

  3. Everyone I know in London is trying to work out where to go for the whole of that period, including the wretched Cultural Olympiad. Don't even get me on to that. Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!! I suspect wherever one will go one will find escapees from London. St Helena? Hmmm.