Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last minute information

I do apologize for the shortness of this notice but I knew nothing about the event until an hour or so ago. As it happens I have to be at the Bruges Group meeting this evening but anyone who is more interested in Russian affairs than in Robin Harris and Simon Heffer talking, might like to know that there will be a demonstration outside Pushkin House starting at 18.45 (actually, people might be able to get to both events) as the fourth part of the BBC programme about Putin and the West is being previewed there.

From what I can gather even from sympathetic reviewers (no TV in my house, you see) the programmes have not gone out of their way to show various aspects of the Putin regime but then they did have to get various officials to give interviews. The fact that their main consultant Angus Roxburgh has spent some years working on PR for the Kremlin helped them to get to these people. (In parenthesis, let me add that Mr Roxburgh was a failure. The Kremlin's PR is rubbish.)

The BBC Russian Service interviewed the makers of the four-part programme and here is the text of that interview in Russian and in English. Worth a quick read if you want to see examples of true disingenuousness.


  1. Both the interview links gave me Russian.

    By the way, any idea why I have to use the laboriously slow IE if I am post a comment? Neither Safari nor Firefox shows me this form.

  2. The answer to the first point is that at the top of the page there is an instruction as to how to translate the interview. I did it and put up that link but clearly it is just one link. So, just press the Translate button.

    The answer to the second question is no I don't know but shall consult the technical staff, i.e. North Jnr.

  3. Thanks, Helen, it's all Cyrillic to me. Mind you, I overlook things on supermarket shelves too.