Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Taki's Magazine

I was asked to write something about Boris Johnson, who, I sincerely hope, will win the forthcoming Mayoral elections. So I did.


  1. The London mayor is the head of one of the EU's nine English "regions". The "regions" are the method by which Brussels is Balkanising the United Kingdom. The job of mayor is, therefore, an EU construct, and it is part of a process designed to chip away at this country. That's why I reject even the notion of the London mayoralty, just as the people of Newcastle et environs rejected the North-East assembly.

    As for Boris, he is “actually quite europhile”, according to a journalist called Christopher Cook who shared an office with him (quoted in Sonia Purnell's recent biography of him). Boris's education started at an EU school in Brussels, where his father was an employee of the European Commission, before he became an MEP and then returned to the Commission. One cannot visit the sins of the father on the son – but one can well ask: how far does the fruit fall from the tree? (Boris's MP brother Jo is an overt europhile, as one might expect from a former FT hack.)

    In short: I shan't be voting for someone from a europhile family, who may well be europhile himself, in a contest for an EU job designed to kill the UK.

  2. You get two votes, Clarence. If you use the first on the UKIP candidate who has done next to no campaigning you can use the second to make sure that Livingstone does not get back. Of course, if you prefer that sanctimonious humbug that is entirely up to you.