Thursday, February 23, 2012

These people should not be allowed out

The news this morning is of yet another fracas in Strangers' Bar in the Commons (popularly known as the Kremlin because of the preponderance of left-wing MPs who spend a goodly amount of time there).
Labour MP Eric Joyce has been suspended from the Labour Party after he was taken from the Strangers Bar in the Commons and arrested by police on Wednesday night.
Joyce allegedly headbutted a Tory MP and attacked several other Conservatives. Joyce, who represents Falkirk for Labour, is alleged to have headbutted the Tory MP for Pudsey Stuart Andrew in the bar, which is reserved for MPs and their guests.
Joyce is thought to have attacked three other Conservatives and one Labour MP during the incident, which happened at around 11pm, three hours after the Commons had risen for the evening.
Well, what do you expect when louts ensconce themselves in a bar with cheap booze and drink steadily for three or more hours?

More on the story here. I hear tell that the Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, not a large lady by any manner of means, stepped in to protect members of her staff who were being attacked by that yob, Eric Joyce.

ADDENDUM: The Boss, who kindly linked to this blog on EURef, is appalled that I should have linked to HuffPo. He is right but it was the first news item on the subject I saw. Ashes and sackcloth, methinks, though I am not sure the Daily Wail would have been better.

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