Monday, February 13, 2012

No such thing as failure in politics

So Nick Clegg thinks that failure must not be rewarded by high bonuses? How about failure being rewarded with the position of Deputy Prime Minister?

After all the talk of Cleggomania in last spring's electoral campaign and after all those pointless TV debates between the three main party leaders the results achieved by the Lib-Dims were lamentable. Their share of the vote went up by about 1 per cent, when turn-out went up by just under 4 per cent; they lost 5 seats and failed to gain a number of those they had been certain of. One would call this a failure for the party and, more specifically, for its supposedly glamorous leader.

This is the kind of failure that ought not to be rewarded, according to Mr Clegg. But it was. Because the Boy-King would rather go into a coalition with the Lib-Dims than with his own MPs, the failing party found itself in government with a number of ministerial positions (that keep being filled by their people whenever one of the Ministers is forced to resign) and the failing leader became the Deputy Prime Minister with the apparent remit of producing the stupidest of all political ideas in order to take the heat off the Prime Minister himself.


  1. I don't call having 23% of the vote a failure, it is however a failure of the electoral system that for the libdems to take power would require far more votes than even the Tories got.

    Conservative 10,703,654 36.1%
    Labour 8,606,517 29.0%
    Libdems 6,836,248 23.0%

    As to ministerial position keeping been filled every time one of our ministers are forced to resign....we have had 2 go David Laws within the early stages of the coalition and now Chris nearly 2 years later...not exactly a flood is it as you implied.

    Your next argument will no doubt be along the lines of ..the libdems have no which case how come the tory right are up in arms over how much influence we have on stopping and re working tory policy....ask Nadine Dorries

  2. Sorry, Paul, I am not sure I understand your incoherent rant. I explained quite clearly why I think the Lib-Dims failed. They were expecting to do considerably better and did not. They also failed in trying to push the AV system through. I forgot to mention that. And no, they have no power and neither do the Conservatives, not while we are in the EU. Your point is?

  3. Not a Limp dim supporter but I would point out one decent policy emanating from that opportunistic political cess pool is the idea to raise the personal allowance to a sensible amount.

    You should point out, tongue in cheek (since he is a loathsome bastard) Clegg is clearly a master politician, achieving more power than any (so-called ) liberal since Lloyd George on the back of a lamentable polling performance, and Cameron ( as if further excuse were needed) to be despised for the weaselly incompetent scumbag he has proven to be.

  4. Can't disagree with either of those paragraphs, Cuffleyburgers.

    Actually, I'd like to see the personal allowance raised even higher to take people on low income out of the income tax altogether.