Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That elephant is being ignored again

Damian Green has decided to wade into the immigration pillow fight. British business, he says, is "addicted to foreign labour" and should be hiring British, even if it means training those British. This is putting the cart before the horse, needless to say, as business owners will point out to him unless they prefer to ignore him completely.

Perhaps, he and his colleagues should try to find out why it is that British business is "addicted to foreign labour" and then discuss solutions to the problem, if it is, indeed, a problem.

However, I note with some interest that certain words are missing from that diatribe. I expect readers of this blog have guessed what they are: European and Union. I wonder how it is that Mr Green failed not notice the elephant yet again.


  1. Because maybe native British labor is not fit for purpose? When I last visited the UK, almost all contact with the local product was vile-lost or screwed up hotel reservations, deliberate rudeness, cluelessness etc., UNLESS,one was dealing with foreign born staff or people who were clearly nonwhite. They had their act together. Bad employees will wreck your business. Would saying that make me racist?

    I have visited the UK well over a dozen times and never saw this until the last decade. What goes on in your schools?

  2. Don't even ask, renminbi. You guys think you have problems with your public schools. You don't know the half of it. But that is the point I keep making over and over again (and I am not alone): screaming abuse at foreigners coming in to take jobs or demanding that businesses train British labour or suggesting legislation to prevent what is going on is not the answer. We need to look at the root of the problem. And also we can do nothing about any of it while we are in the EU.