Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comedian does well in Italy

No, not Berlusconi, whose party did not do as well as they had expected, but the real comedian, Beppo Grillo, whose party, " the Five-Star Movement emerged as the largest single party in the lower house, with over 25% of support, and the second-largest party in the Senate, where he won 23.8% of votes". This comes from the analysis by Open Europe, who lament the fact that the results of the election are likely to cause yet more turmoil in the eurozone. They also suggest various scenarios as to where Italian politics and politicians might go next but, I think, we can assume that they will find yet another way forward or sideways.

Most Italians, according to all analysts, remain pro-EU and even those who voted for the Five-Star Movement are unlikely to want to exit even from the euro. At the same time 57 per cent voted against austerity measures, which they perceived as German-inspired and orchestrated. No doubt, there were references to the evil war criminals just as there always are in Greece.

So, an election once there is a new President, whose term is to expire in May and who, therefore, cannot dissolve parliament in the forthcoming months or, perhaps, a coalition between two or more comedians?

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