Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's show time

As I head (soon) to another incredibly boring Bruges Group meeting (no fewer than three Conservative MPs) I leave  you with this sequence for which I must thank Duff and Nonsense. It's from Ship Ahoy, made in 1942 with what sounds like a real lulu of a plot but with Eleanor Powell  in the main part as a singer with Tommy Dorsey's orchestra. Other stars are Red Skelton and Bert Lahr  but imagine this: Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich, who also perform with the orchestra were NOT listed.

Anyway, here are Eleanor Powell and Buddy Rich.



  1. Thank you for your link and I'm glad you enjoyed the dance. You might enjoy these two as well. I've seen them before but I can't remember their names - superb athletes, never mind the dancing!

  2. Duh! Forgot the link:

  3. The one and only Nicholas Brothers. How could you have forgotten their names? Among the greatest.