Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yet more show time

I shall do some work soon, I promise. The Bruges Group meeting was as uninspiring as expected but there are other matters that require attention. In the meantime ....

I am delighted that David Duff of Duff and Nonsense responded to my previous posting and gave me a link to this sequence. But, he had forgotten the names. Oh the horror of it! These are the unbelievable and incredible and in every way extraordinary Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather.

I have seen parts of it but never the whole and am not sure whether I want to. Cab Calloway, the Nicholas Brothers and many others are worth seeing, not to mention the glorious Lena Horne in one of her first big parts. But Bill "Bojangles" Robinson who is supposed to be a rising star just like Horne was really rather old and only a few years away from his death. From the excerpts I have seen he did not wear his years as well as Fred Astaire did and his performance is a little creaky. So, I am in two minds about it. Not that it is shown all that frequently.


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  1. They really are amazing, it almost makes my muscles ache just watching them, yet the entire sequence was just one take and at the end they still look as if they could do it again from the start.