Monday, February 25, 2013

Italian election

1.30 am According to the Financial Times, Italy is in for a troubled period and probably a second election very soon.
Italy was on Monday night staring at a period of prolonged political instability following a general election in which voters delivered a resounding rebuff to austerity policies with little hope of any party mustering a governing majority.

The upstart anti-establishment Five Star Movement, founded only three years ago by the comedian-blogger Beppe Grillo, was on course to stage the biggest shock by garnering the largest number of votes of any single party. With all but 2 per cent of polling stations reporting, the grassroots movement was leading on 25.5 per cent, a few thousand votes ahead of the centre-left Democrat party.

But the nation was torn three ways between Mr Grillo and his band of political novices, Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left coalition and Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right alliance, raising the prospect of a second election within months.
None of this would matter if whoever gets elected would not be part of our real government as well.

Going on as we speak or as I write this. The Grauniad is updating, should anyone be interested enough to care. Looks like Berlusconi might be back. Personally, I would prefer a real comedian like Grillo.

UPDATE: Der Spiegel thinks that the Centre Left under Pier Luigi Bersani may have won a majority in the Lower House but not in the Senate. A gridlock, in other words, like most streets in Rome.


  1. Indeed so...but what is worrying about Grillo's party of course is that once elected the senators will probably just do as they will. I could not help but ponder a comment about one (reasonable) idea of the election platform when put to one of his probable senators...response was (and I paraphrase), "well that's Beppe, we probably won't do that"...and there you go. Promise of referendum on euro? (I wait to hear: "well we think we need to work with our partners in Europe to ensure harmony, so we will be enhancing our co-operation with the EU institutions to ensure that blah blah" - fill in the words of David Cameron et al).

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