Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That's another mess ...

One day I shall be able to say that I knew Dan Mitchell of Cato Institute and the Freedom and Prosperity Center before he became a big movie star. Well, a big YouTube star. Don't tell anyone but he is still speaking to me.

Anyway, here he is telling the world about yet another mess governments across the world have created and we, in Britain and in the European Union, have been suffering from this piece of idiocy for some time: legislation against money laundering. Or so they say. Actually, it is legislation to make it difficult for grandparents to open nest-egg accounts for their children and to allow the real baddies to escape scot-free. That phrase is particularly apposite in this case.

So, over to you, Dr Mitchell:


  1. Thanks for the reminder of how we here are ruled by scum.Taxpayers picked randomly should be allowed to review all laws and deliberate on whether they are worthwhile. Just because you vote for them doesn't mean they represent you.

  2. Sorry t,that was me.

  3. My son was going on a school skiing trip to Austria and needed an allowance of €10 per day for lunch per day. Having some Euros left over from our summer holiday but not enough €10 notes I went to change two €20 notes for tens at the Co-op Bureau de Change in town where I had originally bought my Euros. Not possible due to money laundering regulations. I ended up buying more Euros. I paid cash keeping my identity private.

    The laws of unintended consequences or perhaps not.