Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When are the politicians going to understand it?

The Daily Express is not precisely a eurosceptic newspaper. (Some would argue that it is not precisely a newspaper of any kind but that is another story.) In the past, eurosceptics, always for some reason described as far-right, had been derided in its columns.

Not any more. Today's editorial is entitled: It's time to reconsider our membership of the EU. No, it is not the constitutional scandal that our Parliament is mostly ignored or bypassed in legislation that is exercising their minds. Nor are they too bothered by the fact that the British legal system is being undermined and our courts, up to and including the House of Lords are subordinate to the ECJ. No, what bothers the hacks of the Daily Express is the possibility of lots of Moldovans coming here quite legitimately because they go to Romania first.

It's a start, I suppose, though the article is somewhat muddled in its rather breathless argument. However, there is one thing the Express seems to have grasped: British governments are no longer in control of Britain's borders.
Unless Britain takes back control over its own borders soon it will lose any remaining sense of community spirit or cultural identity. If leaving the EU is what it takes then most people will think that a price worth paying.
That's all very well but have we not been told by numerous politicians, including the Boy-King's Conservative Party that if we vote for them, a tigther border control will be imposed?

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  1. Remember what they used to say about a chain only being as strong as its weakest link?

    As part of the EU our security would then be dependent on the border controls in Greece, Spain, or various East European countries. Fancy trusting your life and that of your wife and family to a backwoods border post on the far side of the continent?

    We need to get out of the EU and regain control of ouir borders and who crosses them.