Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That's the spirit

Mary Ellen Synon sums up the Icelandic saga (pun intended), the people's opposition to EU membership and the bullying that is being done by the Dutch and, I am sad to say, British governments to bring those people to heel and bankrupt them because of others' greed.

I, too, have been in touch with Hjortur J. Gudmundsson and I asked him if he demonstrated Viking martial arts. For some reason he found that quite funny.

Meanwhile, the Dutch government has fallen because of deep-seated disagreement about Dutch troops (that have performed extremely well according to Michael Yon) in Afghanistan. Yon thinks, incidentally, that the troops are very unhappy at the politicians' attitude and feel that they have been betrayed. (Um, I think that was on one of his Facebook updates. Here is the link to his website, anyway.) Wouldn't be the first time in political and military history. Elections in the Netherlands on June 1. And, of course, elections here on May 6. The Icelanders are not dealing with any permanent or even long-term political entity.

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