Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Couldn't really ignore this

The very sad news of James MacArthur's death came my way on Friday when I was not really up to any blogging. MacArthur, the adopted son of the legendary Helen Hayes first hove into view as far as I am concerned when he fluttered many a young girl's heart in The Swiss Family Robinson. As a matter of fact, he had a very impressive career but, no doubt, he did suffer from the Danno problem. After all, the famous phrases with which Jack Lord (quite a guy) as Steve McGarrett used to end most episodes of Hawaii Five-O: "Book 'em Danno. Murder one." has become a classic. Can't find a tape of those iconic words being spoken but here is the introduction to set pulses racing:

Yes, yes, I know there is a new version of the programme being broadcast and it is receiving some good reviews but, please, could you leave me my prejudices?

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