Monday, November 29, 2010

Sums it all up

From Roger Simon's column on Pajamas Media:
The criminality of self-righteous WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange aside, the State Department or other government nincompoops who authored the leaked documents and emails calling Sarkozy a “naked emperor,” etc., deserve to be terminated for extreme doofuss-ness. These days, a school child knows that what you write digitally is forever indelible.

If you have something nasty to say, do it over the water cooler or at a cocktail party, where you can deny you ever said it. Even write it down, if you must, on the back of a business card or scrap of note paper. They can be burned or flushed down the toilet. But for heaven’s sake don’t type it into a computer. There are no shredders for emails and Word docs. Are these people nitwits or do they have the impulse control of a two year old?
Absolutely right. Not that it matters. There seems very little in those leaks that a number of people with expertise had not worked out already though they might not have known the exact vocabulary used. Read the whole piece.


  1. The genesis of the huge leak appears to have been a decision to make all sorts of sensitive signals widely available- something very easy to do with computers and added to the indelibility you mention. Whatever happened to normal cryptographic procedure and the "need to know" principle?

    I bet that Harry Beckhough (96) whom Cameron praised so lavishly at the party conference and who worked at Bletchley Park and similar places in the war could give them a few pointers.
    In other respects, this could be " a good day to bury bad news" !

  2. Didnt a highly (over?)paid politician amend a word document then lie about altering it without knowing the doc carries a digital history, we employ these monkeys for what??