Friday, November 5, 2010

Sorry is not a word in their vocabulary

It is usually the Boss on EUReferendum who links to James Delingpole but just for once I am doing so as well. To be honest, I have never had much sympathy for the Prodigal Son or his sappy father and a good deal of same for the much peeved older son.

Delingpole is right: given the appalling damage greenies have inflicted on developing countries it ought not to be enough for them to say laughingly that well, actually, they were a tiny bit out in their estimation for the media to fawn all over them. So courageous. Tell that to the people who suffered from those policies, assuming they are still alive.
Well bully for Lynas and Brand. But why, pray, do they deserve any credit for reaching conclusions that those of us who aren’t blinkered eco-zealots reached years ago?

What about the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of starving Zambians who died in the 2002 famine when, thanks to the misinformed campaigning of green activists like Lynas, the Zambian government refused to distribute US foreign aid packages of GM food?

What about all the honest, decent scientists and agricultural engineers and nuclear workers whose career path was stymied as a result of green hysteria?
What about the brown-outs and power shortages and energy insecurity this country is going to suffer as a direct result of the Greenie anti-nuclear hysteria which prevented us replacing our old nuclear power stations?

What ABOUT those millions and millions that Rachel Carson inadvertently massacred with her entirely unfounded claims about the effects of DDT on birdlife?

Green campaigners like Brand and Lynas have not only caused massive damage to the global economy – the biotech and nuclear industry, especially – but they have also almost certainly contributed to numerous deaths in the Third World. And we’re – what? – supposed to cosy up to them now and go: “Well done, lads! You’ve seen the light! Here’s a bung and a nice promo video from your mates at Channel 4?”
And, of course, they are still bleating about AGW and getting nice well paid jobs at our expense.

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