Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's that time of the year

The Independent says so therefore it must be true:
North Sea fishermen are throwing away up to half of all the fish they catch every year in what campaigners say is a chronic waste of food.
How long has this madness been going on? How many years have we been campaigning? I have lost count but this time of the year the media wakes up to the "problem". The Fisheries Council is coming and the Total Allowed Catch (TAC) for next year will be set. So, we get very excited and talk about the need to reform the Common Fisheries Policy, which requires a qualified majority vote for every change. Then everybody goes quiet for a year.

A Stampede of Groundhogs as the Boss says on EUReferendum. And, of course, the Cleggerons are up in arms and have been since June when they announced that they were going to reform the Common Fisheries Policy though there seems to be some difficulty in explaining who exactly are going to be the countries who will fight with us for a reform.

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