Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I always knew it would be a disaster

No, not those riots by spoilt teenagers but the London Olympics. Everything one hears confirms the view I have held from the moment the possibility of London getting them appeared on the horizon: the whole affair will be a disaster. An expensive disaster that we shall be paying for in the decades to come.

Today the Evening Standard informed us that not only the roads will be unusable because of the "Chaika lanes" for half-witted sports personalities, their attendants and Very Important People like politicians who will be rushing there to watch whatever the performance will be but we shall not be able to use the tube either because the system will not be able to cope with the pressure. Well, of course, it will not be able to cope - it cannot cope with the average rush hour even now. How many times have I said this only to be assured that it will be all right on the night or the two weeks in question? Apparently, I was right and so were all others who said that this would be a disaster for London. Go figure.


  1. What's your 'beef' with the students ?

  2. Where do you want me to start? With the fact that they think the world owes them a living? With the notion that they think that people who are not earning much should be subsidizing three or four years of pissing around? With the fact that they cannot even spell? With the fact that they think it is funny to smash up central London but start whining when they are kept in one place and not allowed to go home to mummy? With the fact that they are spoilt brats who can do nothing but shout gimme, gimme, gimme? Or with the fact that anyone that stupid and easy to manipulate does not deserve the privilege of real university education? Oh wait, that isn't what they are after or what they get most of the time.

  3. Wowww....the vitriol fair singed my eyebrows when reading that reply.....did one of them touch a raw nerve in a debating chamber somewhere ?

    Yes, i agree with your reply in relation to some but tarring them all (?) with the same brush....naah !, you're mistaken there. You've certainly attained the british 'virtue' of bringing people down though.

    Are they to just accept the enforced debt put upon them ?

    Both Government and private employers prosper from the employment of students (as from all other employees) thus shouldn't they be paying for all of this ?
    No, marxist/communist/socialist am i though as the correct identification of university courses should be made....not the current proliferation of social and media (and other sundry avenues of so-called education) study rubbish that accounts for too large a percentage of today's intake.

    Who is your ideal university entrant then ?

  4. My ideal university entrant? Somebody who wants to study a real subject and is prepared to do the work. Simple, really. I shall ignore your rather silly personal insults.

    However, I have said on a number of occasions that the very fact that we have rubbishy universities with next to no rules that give out Mickey Mouse degrees is not the so-called students' fault. They are too stupid to understand that they are being conned and there appear to be no adults around who will give them good advice, which is shocking.

    As most students were not out there with their ill-written slogans (except for the ones that had clearly been created and handed out by the Socialist Worker who can spell) I am not "tarring the all".

  5. Give it a rest - its only for a few weeks.