Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the meantime

While we are all glued to the sight of real democracy on the other side of the Pond, here is something to keep everyone entertained. Over the week-end I watched The Pajama Game with Doris Day and John Raitt, he of the very fine voice but little acting talent. Still he is a hunk, which was very important.

The person who stole the show, however, was Carol Haney, dancer, choreographer and dance director as well as Broadway star who, sadly, died at the age of 39. Here is a wonderful clip of her and two others, performing Steam Heat, supposedly at the end of a union meeting. Bob Fosse's choreography is terrific.


  1. Very interesting, that was a male choreography. Indeed I'd guess the third male dancer was ill and she stood in at short notice? Notice how she ducks the push along floor and kick-flip upright, but doesn't take attention from them.
    Love the rhyme of bottle with got'll

  2. The rhymes in most of the songs in The Pajama Game are very ingenious. I noticed that when I was watching. Don't know about the third dancer. You may be right.

  3. My favourite rhyme remains;
    If I was in Philadelphia, I wouldn't ring a bell for ya
    As Doris D and Howard K play stropsy bunnies in Calamity Jane

  4. Calamity Jane is one of the truly great musicals in every way. The Pajama Game is not in that league, but it is very pleasant.