Monday, January 24, 2011

Explosion in Domodedovo

The news from Russia about the explosion at Moscow's busiest international airport, Domodedovo, which has already resulted in 31 dead and well over 100 injured, can excite nothing but horror. The speed with which "a criminal case" has been opened instead of an investigation as to what happened and how does not make one feel at all certain that this time the Russian government will be interested in getting the truth. The time-line published by the Guardian of "terrorist" in Russia show that information has not been much available, investigations have not happened and dubious events such as the infamous apartment block explosions were not clarified. As ever, the people of Russia suffer.


  1. Video from just after the explosion here:
    Grim viewing.

  2. Thank you AKM. At least, I think so. Grim viewing, indeed.