Thursday, January 6, 2011

How shameful

I was trying to find the latest news on the Russian ships trapped in the ice in the Okhotsk Sea (the Boss has been following the saga in detail on EURef) and saw that the most up-to-date story was was from Kyiv Post. I clicked on it and found this
The Kyiv Post, effective Dec. 14, 2010, is blocking access to all web traffic originating from the United Kingdom in protest of the draconian libel laws there that hinder legitimate free speech and threaten the work of independent journalists, authors, scientists and others worldwide. In a phenomenon known as “libel tourism,” rich and powerful plaintiffs file lawsuits in London – “the libel capital of the world” – to exploit laws stacked in their favor, stifling journalism and threatening news organizations and others with costly lawsuits.

If you have comments about the Kyiv Post ban, please address them to and include your name, city of residence and contact telephone number for verification.
Well I could come up with a few tu quoque comments but what's the use? They are right.


  1. Latest Story :

    Two of 5 Russian ships still caught in Sea of Okhotsk ice, awaiting rescue
    Today at 18:31 | Interfax-Ukraine
    Icebreaker Admiral Makarov has begun an operation to rescue the third of three Russian ships that remained stranded in ice in the Sea of Okhotsk after two others were rescued from ice captivity in the Far Eastern sea on Wednesday, the Transportation Ministry said on Thursday, Jan.6.

    The Admiral Makarov is towing fishing boat Professor Kizevetter out of the sea's icebound area, the ministry said in a press release. The Bereg Nadezhdy (Coast of Hope) will be the next and factory ship Sodruzhestvo (Commonwealth) the last vessel to be rescued.

    On Wednesday, refrigerator vessel Anton Gurin and trawler Mys Yelizaveta (Cape Yelizaveta) with total crews of 100 were led out of the icebound area.

    The Bereg Nadezhdy, Professor Kizevetter and Sodruzhestvo were the first of the five vessels to get stranded. The Anton Gurin and Mys Yelizaveta joined them on Monday and Tuesday.

    Accessible from Spain :)

  2. Thank you Sue.

    Presumably they are waiting for the other icebreaker, the Krasin, to arrive before they can rescue the big ones.

  3. The Krasin isn't mentioned but I will keep you up to date if anything else comes up.

  4. From other sources one gathers that the Krasin is due on the 9th. Thank your for that, Sue. I do appreciate it.